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How Converting To eBooks Saved Me Money

I recently converted all of my new book purchases to eBooks, through Kindle specifically. This wasn’t an easy decision though. When you buy an eBook, you typically don’t actually own the book - you actually bought the license for the right to read it. The rights for reading an eBook you bought through Kindle, can be revoked at any time.

So, with the major risk of not being able to read a book after I paid for it, I still went with Kindle. Why?

It saves a ton of money. Physical books are typically more expensive than the Kindle book. Savings range from $1 to $20. Considering I buy new book every week, those savings add up. Also, I was at the point of needing to buy a new bookcase because my current one was overflowing. By not buying a new bookcase, I was able to save another $200.

Another benefit of buying the eBook version is that I can read anywhere, without having to lug around the physical copy. I have the Kindle app on my phone, iPad, and computer.

One major downside is that I can't share a book with a friend.

To save even more money, I started using OverDrive and Libby - a free service from the public library. I've found that I still need to buy the Kindle version for many books, but I have found some for free using this service. You can signup for OverDrive for free, but you need a library card to use Libby.

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