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Google Sheets Training

We'll cover the basic formulas and design tricks you need to know to build your Google Sheets knowledge.


While watching these classes, I recommend having a blank Google Sheet open to practice the concepts we go through. You can pause the videos and rewind as needed while you're practicing on your sheet.

Let's get started!


Whenever we publish new updates, we'll log them here so you can see what's new:


12/7/2019 - Added Pivot Tables


Counting and Summations


This class covers the various formulas you can use for counting, summations, averages - but with conditions, as well as rounding formulas.


Formulas Covered



  • =SUMIF 




  • =ROUND 




Time Value of Money


We'll cover the common mistakes people make when using the time value of money formulas, and some tips and tricks to help you remember how to use them correctly.


Formulas Covered

  • Present Value =PV

  • Future Value =FV

  • Number of Periods =NPER

  • Payment =PMT


If Statements


We'll cover how to use if statements to build logic into your spreadsheets.


Formulas Covered

  • =IF

  • =AND

  • =OR




This class covers the functions you can use to analyze your data from a table including:

  • Data Filters

  • Sorting Data

  • Excluding Data

  • Pivot Tables

Lookup Formulas


If you need to look up something in a table, VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP are your friends. Using these formulas is much easier than they seem once you learn how they work.


Formulas Covered

  • Vertical Lookup = VLOOKUP

  • Horizontal Lookup =HLOOKUP




We'll cover the basic charts you can use to display your data in Google Sheets.


Charts Covered

  • Line Chart

  • Bar Chart

  • Pie Chart


Design Basics


This class covers basic design tools in Google Sheets that you can use to create well-designed sheets and reports.


Design Concepts Covered

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Alternating Colors

  • Various Ways to Insert an Image

  • Spacing of Columns & Rows

  • Adding a Header & Footer

  • Changing Border Thickness & Color

  • Adding Fonts and Colors to Match Your Design

  • Page Breaks for Printing